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wayyyyyy tooooo hotttttt to stick around for the other race, but here area a few from the 35/45 A's and B's


Cross Vegas 2016

Elite Men

Elite Women

Wheelers and Dealers


Eroica CA

Eroica CA 2016


BASP 2013

Bay Area Super Prestige #4 Candlestick Point

Bay Area Super Prestige #1 Candlestick Point


DFL Outlaw Series

2013 DFL Cross India Basin Open Space aka "The Hood"

2013 DFL Cross Southern Windmill

2013 DFL Cross Crocker Amazon Park

Archive Film Scans

Rapha Women's Prestige 2013

Amgen Tour of California 2012

Wente Road Race 2012

Rapha Women's Prestige 2012

NAHBS 2012 Complete Gallery!


2012 Early Bird Training Series

Fremont 1988! Hasn't change a bit...

Recent Updates

Cross 2011

Congratulations Cadel!!

Here are a few (hundred) old shots of Cadel...

"The Film Years"

"The Digital Years" still to come!

updated 8/2/2011

2007 Giro di San Francisco

Sea Otter Classic 2006

Amgen Tour of California

Sea Otter Classic 2005

2005 Worlds Livigno, Italy


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