Indiviudual Riders and Archive Scans

Below is a collection of film scans and not a complete archive of 'everything' we have of these riders. Please contact if you need a deeper pull. We're trying to get deeper into the archives and organizing on a regular basis.

Jurgen Beneke

Bart Brentjens

Nicole Cooke

Anne Caroline Chausson

Leigh Donovan

"Tattoo" Lou DeAngelis

Jimmy Deaton

Cadel Evans

Mike Ferremtino

Thomas Frischknecht

Julie Furtado

Gerg Herbold

Rune Hoydahl

Tinker Juarez

Steve Larsen

Joe Lawill

Tara Llanes

Miguel Martinez

Ruthie Matthes

Jason McRoy

Greg Minnaar

Don Myrah

Ned Overend

Shaun Palmer

Joe Parkin

Steve Peat

Paola Pezzo

Daryl Price

Michael Rasmussen




Myles Rockwell

Alison Sydor

Steve Tilford

John Tomac

John Tomac updated 8/17



Cross Racing:

Santa Cruz Cross Over the Years and Some International...